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For your consideration…

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Real Life

A few weeks ago, around Christmas time, it seemed that inconsiderate became a theme, especially with my oldest nephew.  We kept going back to why certain actions were not considerate and trying to explain why you needed to be considerate of others.  It was interesting that this theme kept coming up and that it gave us a way to express that his actions weren’t just wrong but why.

Then, last week, I came upon an example of extremely inconsiderate behavior.  I attended my weekly poker game as usual, unaware that my friend had brought the plague with him. Strike one is that he even showed up.  Of course, when you’re playing poker, you’re dealing with poker chips and playing cards that are being passed around from person to person. As he’s separating the poker chips to divide them up for everyone, I call him out. “Dude, aren’t you going to use some purell or something before you touch all of the chips we have to handle too?” He’s like, “It’s okay. I’ve been using this paper towel to wipe my nose.” He proceeds to hold up as evidence this paper towel that was long past it’s lifespan. That’s not going to cut it, so then he thinks that wiping his hands on his jeans is sufficient. “Do you really think that wiping your hands on your jeans killed all of germs on your hands??”

I’ve met his mom, and although I’m not familiar with her hygiene, I’d have to guess that she raised him better than that. I seriously feel that it was just extremely inconsiderate. To put it another way, he didn’t take anyone else into consideration.  When you’re sick, you have two goals:

  1. Get better.
  2. Try to minimize the spread of your germs so that you don’t get others sick.

Here are at least 3 things that you can do to accomplish goal #2:

  1. STAY HOME! (Keep that shit to yourself.)
  2. Wash/Sanitize your hands frequently.
  3. Cover your mouth (or at least turn the other way or face the ground) whenever you sneeze and cough.

While #1 may not always be possible, if you don’t do your best with #2 and #3, then you’re an inconsiderate asshole.

Silence is not golden.

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Random

Silent letters can go fuck themselves. Or better yet, go fuk themselves. Why hasn’t someone realized that silent letters are unnecessary in so many words. Here are a few examples:

  • Through – 3 silent letters.  Let’s just go with thru.
  • Though – same scenario. Let’s go with tho.
  • Dead – The a is unnecessary. Let’s go with ded.
  • Death – deth
  • Head – hed
  • John – jon

People are all about creating acronyms to save time, so why can’t we just do another time-saver and lose the silent letters when they aren’t needed?  I don’t think there is any confusion with the words above. Sure, sometimes silent letters have an impact, so they shouldn’t all be trashed. Ones like in the examples above, tho, are completely useless.

Think about the things that we do on a daily basis. Even those things we consider necessities.  On some level, all of it is to avoid negative consequences.  We eat food to avoid hunger pains/starvation. We work to avoid poverty. We take medicine to avoid symptoms or prevent our health from declining.

Is any of it really necessary?  No, not really.

Even when you think you don’t have a choice, you do. It’s just that we have a difficult time considering the option with the negative consequence as a viable option.