Suggested Facebook categories

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Random

Have you ever considered grouping your Facebook friends into categories?  Well, here are a few that I’ve come up with.  Feel free to add any others that you can think of in the comments below.

  • Slideshow – If you change your profile picture every day, every other day, or multiple times per day, then you might be a slideshow.  People that post pictures of their face regularly and for no particular reason can probably be lumped into this category also.
  • DJ Wannabe – These are the people that feel the need to SHARE every single video they watch on YouTube.  There are actually forums for this activity where you can be an actual DJ, such as and, but they choose to post 15 or more videos to Facebook instead.
  • Game Evangelist – This is the person that doesn’t just post the occasional game achievement to their wall… they post EVERY game achievement to their wall.  Janie achieved Poop! Janie achieved Wipe! Janie achieved Flush! Janie skipped Wash Hands.
  • OG – Although this means “original gangster” elsewhere, for Facebook it means Older Generation.  These are the people that end every comment in LOL because they mistakenly think it means “lots of love” or share the same types of jokes and anecdotes that have been forwarded around in email since 1989.
  • Mood Swingers – (see also Bi-polar Status Update Disorder) These are the people that will post a status update proclaiming, “This is the best day ever. There is nothing that can bring me down!”  Then 2 hours later, they will post, “My heart is broken into a million pieces and no one will help me sweep up the mess.”  We have absolutely no idea what prompted either. All we know is that the mood went from one extreme to the other in a short period of time.

How does that make you feel?

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