The only way that “laser” could be cooler is if you spelled it with a Z.

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Random
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There are 3 laser treatments that I’d like to get.

  1. Laser Hair Removal – Specifically, I wonder if they would do my ears. Why do we need hair on our ears? (This alone might be a case for evolution. I mean, maybe we haven’t evolved past ear hair yet, but why would God have given that to us to begin with?)
  2. Lasik Eye Surgery – Sure, I’m able to sleep in my contacts and wear them for 30 days at a time, but it would definitely be nice to be able to see clearly without any kind of assistance.
  3. Vasectomy – (They do those with lasers now, right?)  I don’t feel the need to procreate. I don’t feel like there is anything missing from my life. I have two nephews, a niece, and a friend with children that I’m close with. I don’t see a need to have any of my own. There are plenty of people on the planet, so there’s no need for me to “go forth and multiply.” Taking that option away would also prevent me from accidentally getting someone pregnant and then either forcing a relationship or costing me child support. Maybe that’s jaded, but I know too many split parents that are crazy towards each other with the children caught in the middle. Too often those fights are about money and not about the child.

And why don’t we spell it lazer?

How does that make you feel?

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