Remembering names at Hooters

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Random
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It’s become a bit of  a “tradition” for me to eat at a particular Hooters on Tuesday nights since it is right around the corner from where a few of us get together to play our weekly poker game. Last night, one of my friends happened to join me.  While we were eating (well, I was eating; my friend was just drinking some beer), this guy comes up and introduces himself. Then this interaction happened:

Me: I’d shake your hand, but mine are a little messy right now from eating wings.

Guy: That’s okay. I’ve met you before. You’re up here like every week aren’t you?

Me: Oh yeah. Um, Ok.

He then proceeds to blah blah blah about a black jack game they do on Tuesdays, and me and my friend explain that we’re leaving after dinner to attend our own poker game, which is why I have declined his invites in the past. He then walks away to invite another group, which is when me and my friend Rob had this conversation:

Me: Dude, I almost told him that if you’re not wearing orange shorts and a white top, I’m not gonna remember you.

Rob: One of the keys to success is remembering the names of the people you meet.

Me: I’m not looking to succeed. I just want to get by.

Rob: That’s sad.

And then we both laughed.


How does that make you feel?

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