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Tablet computers have been out for a while now. Between my laptop and my smartphone, tho, I really couldn’t justify purchasing one. I didn’t see where I’d get much use out of it. Skip forward to the present, and I’ve just purchased my first tablet. More on that in a second.

I’ve been collecting comic books for over 10 years (this time. I collected previously and sold my entire collection, but that’s a sad story for another time).  Although I say that I collect, I read them first and foremost. If I don’t plan on reading a title, then I don’t buy it. I do, however, take care of them. I put them in plastic sleeves with a boards to protect them.  The problem is that since I’ve been collecting for over 10 years, I spend around $75 a month for a storage unit. Soon, I need to look at getting a larger unit, which means I’ll be paying even more money each month.

Another issue is that I’m not the only one that collects.  Unlike 50 years ago, parents don’t throw their kids’ comics away. Most everyone takes care of theirs. That means there’s an abundance of recent comics out there. Since they aren’t rare, the resale value is not even worth discussing. Most of the comics that I’m taking such care to preserve probably won’t ever be worth much more than the cover price. The only value in them is if I read them multiple times. But to do that, I have to take the time to drive to my storage unit, find the box they’re in, bring it home, and then return the box when I’m done.

Typically, I’d like to re-read a story when something else I’ve read has reminded me of it or maybe because I’d like to refresh my memory.  That’s not exactly easy to do with my current situation.

Starting last September when DC comics rebooted their entire line, they introduced same-day digital. Previously you had to wait a month or more for comics to be available digitally, if at all. That makes it more advantageous for me to purchase a tablet. Here are some other reasons:

  1. As a fan of continuity and cohesive universes, I read some titles even when I don’t care as much about the characters. I really have no reason to “collect” those titles since I’m only reading to keep up with current events. I’ll be switching these titles to digital only.
  2. After a month, the price drops $1.00.  If I switch 10 titles to digital and wait a month to buy them, that’s $10 I’ve saved each month. Eventually, my savings will pay for the cost of the tablet.
  3. By switching to digital, I’ll have fewer comics to store, and that means my storage costs won’t increase as quickly.
  4. I don’t have as good of a memory as I used to. (Who does?) Having easy access to comics, even just last month’s issue, will help me appreciate my current reading experience more since where the story left off will be fresh in my mind.
  5. In conjunction with #4, I have also started buying the digital combo packs for the print titles where that is offered. For the comics that might be worth something one day, if I need to re-read them, I can do so with the digital copy instead of handling the print copy and further diminishing it’s value.

I definitely won’t be switching all of the titles that I read to digital. For one thing, I love my local comic book store, and I want to continue to support them with my business. Furthermore as collector, I still want to physically own the comics featuring my favorite characters. There’s just something about tangible ownership that feels good.