Guns don’t kill people, but apparently, they can save the day.

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Real Life
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For the victims in Colorado. (Characters © DC Comics. Creative content © Yale Stewart.)

My sincerest sympathies go out to those that have been impacted by the tragedy in Aurora, CO during the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.  Although all mass shootings are tragic, I suppose I can relate to this one a little more than others since, as a Batman fan, I was at a midnight showing myself last night/early this morning.

When I woke up late this morning, I was shocked to hear about what had happened.  Of course, people will use this as an opportunity to discuss gun control and related topics.  Here’s one of the first reactions I read on Facebook this morning. (The names have been changed to protect the dumb.)

Hank – “this is so sad. Why didnt anyone in the movie theater take him down and take defense. I know there was smoke bombs but he needed to go down and not wait on the police. This makes me not wanna go see this now.”

  • Steve – “DVDS are all ways better u can press pause and go pee if u have too”
  • Hank – “as i stated on a friends status on this, we are going to be more defenseless in a already defenseless world. Obama will run with this one.”
  • David – “Hopefully the nra will run with this too”
  • Gary – “People suck…bigtime”\
  • Paulina – “Bcause movie theatres don’t allow lawful concealed carrying citizens to carry their guns into the theatre only criminals disregard the no guns signs posted at the ticket window. Thats the theatres fault and should have to pay out to the victims.”

First, I don’t think anyone can honestly say what they would do in a situation like this. I believe there is how you hope you’d act and maybe even how you have trained yourself to act; however, until you’re actually in this situation, I don’t think you can sensibly be shocked that no one played the hero.

I think that people are pretty vulnerable when they are watching a movie. I know I am. You’re in darkness, designed to focus you at the one light source, the movie screen. The massive sound system drowns out most other noises, especially in an action movie. You’re paying attention, trying to get your $12-$15’s worth, and your mind is engaged as you try to follow the plot.  Not only can you not see or hear clearly when this psychopath starts shooting, but you don’t know that it’s not a publicity stunt, or even a harmless practical joke, until you start to notice people actually getting hurt. By the time you realize what’s going on, your first reaction is probably to duck and cover.

Second, what the fuck does this have to do with Obama? And how does some psychopath shooting people at random contribute to making us more defenseless?  Unless you’re wearing a bulletproof vest, you’re pretty defenseless to begin with. Even that gun in your pocket or purse isn’t going to stop a bullet from piercing your cotton t-shirt or underwire bra.

Third, how is this the theater’s fault? If Paulina bothered to read the news on this incident, she’d find out that the shooter entered with the other patrons and then went to the emergency door where he had strategically left them.  It’s not like he slipped through with the weapons. As much as I appreciate that theaters are planning to increase security, I’m not even sure how that would help this situation.

As for all of you that think that if more people had concealed weapons permits it would have saved lives, I beg to differ. Not only do I think that a gun battle would have simply caught more people in the cross-fire, but this lunatic was wearing a bullet-proof vest and other armor. Unless you got off a lucky shot that hit him in the head, then you most likely would not have stopped him.

I’m not a gun control nut. I honestly don’t get involved in those debates.  Personally, though, I don’t think guns solve anything. There are, unfortunately, many lunatics in this world, and they have the same right to own a gun that you do. The difference is that they have a plan to use theirs; whereas, you’re hoping that yours will help you when the time comes.  Unless you’re actively planning to shoot someone, I think you’re deceiving yourself with a false sense of security.

And if anyone knows of an incident where a gun-carrying civilian has taken out a shooter like this psycho, please share. As far as I can remember, I don’t recall any of these situations being resolved by heroic, gun-toting civilians.  Personally, I would feel less comfortable sitting in a theater knowing that others around me had a concealed weapon. Because, if my sister decides to be rude and check her phone during the movie, I don’t want her to get shot because she pissed off a fellow movie-goer.

from The Dark Knight Returns, © DC Comics

  1. This happened 5 minutes away from me and all day I’ve been wondering what I would have done if I had been there (i would have never been there, we go to a different theater a little farther away, but since it was so close I’ve been thinking about it). You’re right, there’s no way to know how a person would actually react in that situation. I usually don’t voice my opinion about political issues but had there been someone with a gun in the theater they might have helped. Bullet proof vests would have stopped the bullet from actually piercing the skin, however, I’ve heard it hurts and will knock the wind out of you and maybe by slightly catching him off guard someone could have moved in closer for a debilitating shot (or even in the knee to bring him down). I see your point about someone potentially getting caught in the crossfire, but if people had been able to react right away maybe one person would have been unfortunately stuck in the middle but perhaps the number of injured and dead wouldn’t be so high. There’s no way to know and I don’t want to come off as insensitive or anything because these people have been and will be in my thoughts . It is a horrible thing that has happened and I hate to know that it will turn into a political debate at the expense of these victims.

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