I just let the boat do all the work.

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Random
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What About Bob?

Where were we? Oh yes, I was just talking about taking a vacation from technology, and you were saying, “Well, that stuff’s not very important anyway. You shouldn’t let it tie you down.”

That’s easy for you to say. I believe that there are two levels of importantness:

  1. There are those things which we all need to survive (e.g., food, shelter, money to buy the food and pay for the shelter, etc.).
  2. There are also those things which are more subjective, depending upon your career or passion.

I think we can all agree on the first one, so let’s skip to the second one.

If you’re a photographer, then maybe it’s important for you to be up at 6am so that you can catch that perfect shot of the sunrise that you need for your photo album. Maybe this isn’t your career, but it is a hobby that you are passionate about. if so, then it’s important to you. Me? I’ll be sleeping in, thank you very much.

I believe that it’s easy for us to take these more subjective things for granted. If something isn’t important to me, then it’s simply not important. We don’t stop to think that it might be important to the other person.

Here’s a personal example. It’s important to me to make it to the comic book store on Wednesday evening because that’s the day new comic books come out. It’s also important to me to have time to read those comics between now and next Wednesday because I’ll then have more new comics to read. If you’re not into comics, then you may laugh me off or deride me if I told you that I’d be late to something on a Wednesday because I had to stop by the comic book store first. Sure, I could easily go on Thursday or Friday, but I like going on Wednesdays. It’s important to me. I’ve shopped at the same store for roughly 10 years, so I have a camaraderie with the employees and some of the customers.

I have to make time to read them too. If I don’t, they’ll simply continue to pile up, and what’s the point of buying them if I’m not going to have time to read them? But I digress a little…

Back to technology and vacation… It’s tough to imagine going somewhere and not checking in on Foursquare. On more than one occasion, I’ve actually gone back through my Foursquare history to remember when I visited a particular place. Sometimes that’s just for me. Other time, I’ll share it in other places too. I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy reading on Facebook what my friends are doing, and I assume they enjoy reading that about others too. I’ve also mentioned before, that I like being a positive example for single people by showing that you don’t have to have a partner in order to be active. This is important to me.

Not to mention that I will also use the GPS on my phone to navigate and figure out where I’m going so that I don’t get lost. So how do I take a vacation from technology when I depend upon it for nostalgia (pictures, check-in history), directions, or to share with others? It seems like the answer would be to stay in one spot and spend the time catching up on my book reading. After all, those are important to me too.

[If this post has seemed like mostly incoherent rambling, then I do apologize. However, I did warn you that these would be random thoughts.]

How does that make you feel?

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