A vacation… from my problems!

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Random
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What About Bob?

We’ve all heard someone make the comment about there not being enough hours in the day. It’s true. There’s so much to do whether they are things we need to do or want to do that it’s almost impossible to do them all.  I feel like I’m constantly behind with reading articles/magazines/books and watching TV shows/movies/videos that I spend all of my time simply catching up. After all day at work, I have all of these items to clear out of Google Reader. It’s madness.

Of course, there’s no stopping it. The internet has made the flow of creativity and information unstoppable. As I was going to bed late the other nite, I was thinking about how it might be to take a vacation from technology. To simply step away from it all. I came to the conclusion that it would be pretty hard.

It’s crazy to think that merely 15 years ago I didn’t own a computer, and my only portable means of communication was a pager. Now, I have a laptop, tablet, smartphone, internet-connected Blu-ray player, etc. Although it was only 15 years ago, it’s still difficult to imagine how I got by without today’s technology. My smartphone, with all it’s apps, is like a second brain for me. I have reminders and lists and tools to jot things down quickly so that I won’t forget them. I use my laptop and internet connection to stay in touch with friends and family. My phone is my camera. My phone is my travel journal. My tablet is my library. My laptop is my boombox. My phone is my alarm clock.

And that’s why a vacation from technology would be hard. Sure, I’ll go for a few hours or even most of a day without checking my phone or laptop, especially if I’m traveling, but to go for a week?… that might be pushing it. I don’t mean it in the sense of addiction either. (Or maybe I’m just in denial.) But it’s like it’s part of life, part of the culture now. You aren’t even necessarily using it to keep up with others. You could simply be using it to share about yourself.

For some it might be tough to imagine being away from Facebook and knowing what everyone’s doing. (I’m sure most of us have that one person, probably a relative, that we imagine hunched over their computer in a dimly lit room because they’re liking our posts seconds after we post them.) For me, it’s tough to imagine going somewhere and not checking in on Foursquare or snapping a picture, with Instagram or otherwise.

Plus, I know that being away from technology would simply mean that I’d return to more stuff piling up. And this is where we transition into a topic about what’s important, which I’ll save for my next post.

How does that make you feel?

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