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Once upon a time, I was opposed to wearing anything with a label on it. I was completely against “advertising” anything with my clothes. Years later, tho, and I’m really into expressing myself. I like to wear t-shirts that are funny or that I bought at a concert, etc. I still felt like I was missing a little something, so a year or so ago I searched online and found a few rings and a necklace that I like.

Now that I’m expressing myself by what I wear, I’ve had more people come up to me and make comments or start conversations. That’s great for me because I suck at chit-chat. I’m not great at starting a conversation, so I love it when my clothes or accessories do the work for me.

For example, today I was at the doctor’s office, and I wore a Metallica t-shirt that I’d bought at Target. Coincidentally, the doctor likes the same type of music, so that gave us something to talk about. It was nice having that part of the conversation covered and not have to talk about mundane stuff like the weather or the holidays. And the nurse that took me into the smaller room and took my blood pressure commented on one of my rings because she mentioned that her husband had been wanting one.

My advice: If you’re not great at conversation, express yourself in other ways and you may find that conversations happen more naturally.