Luck be a lady… but sometimes a bitch

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Random
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I’m more superstitious than I’d like to admit. I think about luck frequently… well, at least twice a week when it’s time for the Lotto and PowerBall drawings.  Lately, tho, I’ve been wondering about the amount of luck a person has.  I sometimes wonder that if my good luck wasn’t used on trivial things like catching a green light or getting the best parking space, could I save it up and use it towards actually winning the Lottery.

This weekend, I had some bad luck, but it was tolerable. It wasn’t like I got a flat tire or anything. We called for a taxi and ended up with one with no AC… twice. And neither driver had GPS (which happened to me again yesterday). But since that started on Friday, I was thinking that maybe my good luck was going towards that $600 mil PowerBall jackpot. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I also started thinking that while the bad luck I was experiencing was tolerable, I would’ve had a much better time if my luck had been better.  It wasn’t just the taxi situation. There were other little things which I won’t bother to list, but while tolerable, they did dampen an otherwise really good time.

I know I don’t have it nearly as bad as some people, so don’t take this as a complaint. I’m grateful for all the little things, like needing a taxi to go out period. I don’t take these opportunities for granted. I’m just pondering the workings of luck.

How does that make you feel?

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