Some things have a lasting impact.

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Random
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For me, there are things that I encountered years ago that will continue to have an impact, regardless of how big or small that impact may be, for years to come.

Sesame Street – I learned so much from this program as a kid.  Even today at work, I was remembering “One of these things is not like the other; one of these things just doesn’t belong.”

Winnie The Pooh – To this day, when it is cloudy outside, I say to myself, “tut tut, it looks like rain.”

Reign of Fire – Thanks to this movie about dragons, I’ll sometimes think about dusk, when the sun has gone down but there is still some light left, as the “magic hour.”

Star Wars – When the moon is full, I think to myself, “That’s no moon!”

The Matrix – And when I’m holding a spoon, I remember the truth… that there is no spoon.

How does that make you feel?

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