No Respect

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Random, Real Life

Unless I’ve made an appointment to see you because of some ailment, I don’t care if you’re a doctor.  Unless I’ve visited your church or asked you for spiritual counseling, I don’t care if you’re a reverend.  Allow me to elaborate.

Today I was working on logging the names and addresses of people that wanted to opt out of a class action settlement.  Some of these individuals made a point to mention that they were a doctor or a reverend.  I give absolutely zero fucks. I just need your first name and last name.

Being a doctor or a reverend means to me that you went to school for many years to become an expert at something, or at least very knowledgeable.  Well, unless I’m calling upon that knowledge, I couldn’t be bothered to give a shit.  I can still recall taking technical support calls and asking for someone’s name and they’d tell me they were DOCTOR so-and-so or REVEREND blah-blah-blah.  You know what? You’re having problems with your computer and calling for my expertise, so I’m gonna need you to simmer down with all of that title bullshit.  Right now, I’m the doctor of not giving a shit and the reverend of step down off of your pedestal so that I can help you with whatever your petty customer service question is.

I appreciate the fact that you’ve gone to school for many years to obtain that title; however, when you take on the role of customer, you don’t deserve any more respect than any other customer.  You’re not special.  Not in this instance.  You’re just like all of the others having problems with your internet/cable/phone/microwave/whatever, and you being a doctor or reverend doesn’t help me assist you.  It only wastes a few extra seconds of everyone’s time for you to feel the need to brag.

How does that make you feel?

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