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'164-365 (Year 6) Cold shower :(' photo (c) 2012, George Redgrave - license:

I’ve got a better question for you.  What kind of monster can leave the warm embrace of their shower so quickly?? Once that warm water starts pounding my neck and running down my back, I’m in a whole new world. (Cue song from Disney’s Aladdin.)  If you can leave that environment without hesitation, then I question your humanity.

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Posted: January 5, 2014 in Random
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Can you still be scared?  I think people that can still be scared when watching a horror movie are a dying breed.  At least that’s the impression I get when I hear people giggling during the scary parts.  I think to myself, “what’s so funny?  There’s nothing funny going on right now.”

To be able to suspend your disbelief, curb your urge to critique/analyze, and really get absorbed into the movie can be such an adrenaline rush.  To allow yourself to be scared, to make yourself vulnerable to the movie, that’s how I like to enjoy it.

I frequently go to the movies by myself.  I think I enjoy the experience better that way.  I can jump or gasp or cry or laugh without being self-conscious.  Plus, there’s that urge we have to make sure that the person with us is enjoying it as much as we are.  It’s why we’re compelled to ask the question, “Did you just see that?”  Well, of course they did, but you want to be sure that they felt it was just as significant as you thought it was.  If you’re by yourself, tho, then your only focus is the movie.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have had many good experiences going to the movies with other people.  I just have to be careful who I go with.  If it’s someone with similar sensibilities who respects the theater environment and doesn’t talk or text during the movie, then we’re in good shape.