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'Snow Pile' photo (c) 2013, David Amsler - license:

As far as winter complaints go, I’m sure this is pretty insignificant compared to what you’re dealing with.  But since this is my blog and not yours, you’ll just have to deal with it.

I’m actually feeling quite comfortable in my apartment, but then I notice that my legs are aching.  I guess the air near the floor is too cold, so I need to turn on the heat for a bit.  I have to strike just the right balance, tho, otherwise I’ll end up with congestion and a headache.  And that’s not because it’s hot in my apartment… just too warm.  When 73°F is too warm and 70°F is too cold, you have a very small window to work within.

I have a similar battle in my car.  Stay warm but not so warm that I fall asleep.  Sometimes, I’ll have the heat blasting on my feet and the window rolled half-way down.

Let’s keep it chill but not so chill that I need to turn the heat on, okay?

She points out that it's okay to be okay.

A couple of weeks ago Felicia Day shared the video above on her blog.  It’s a little over 7 minutes, but it’s definitely worth watching. (Just click the screenshot to watch.) She talks about how she’s ugly but okay with it.  We need more honest girls like her.  I mean, how many of the “pretty” girls still look pretty after they wash their faces?  I’d rather have a girl with average looks all of the time then someone who’s only gorgeous if she is wearing 5 pounds of makeup.

Although it wasn’t her point, the other thing I got to thinking about is contrast.  Pretty girls are pretty because they are prettier than someone else.  I’m not saying that in order for a girl to be pretty she has to be standing beside an ugly person, but the fact that ugly people exist helps us judge what is pretty.  If everyone was pretty, then pretty would be plain.

This can be applied to other areas of life too.  We make fun of people working in fast food, assuming they made poor life choices.  But if everyone was a CEO, who would fix your food?  We need people at all levels of society. Variety isn’t the spice of life, variety is life.

How good is a story with no antagonist? What is a hero without a villain? What if everything tasted like ice cream?

The beautiful people owe everything to the ugly people.  The successful owe it all to the failures.