You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Random
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Tyler Durden -

At this point in my life I know more Jewish people than I’ve ever known.  Occasionally, I find myself a witness (not a participant) to political conversations.  Once I remember someone saying that they didn’t support a certain candidate because he was not a supporter of Israel.  My only thought was, “What the hell does that have to do with anything??”

I’m an average American white guy with no cultural rituals outside of eating turkey at Thanksgiving, shopping at Christmas, and looking for eggs on Easter.  Because of that I respect and admire people that celebrate their culture and have their own music and rituals.  Not long ago I attended a Celtic music festival.  While I wouldn’t listen to bagpipe music on a regular basis, I sure did enjoy it in the context of the celebration.  While I don’t hang out with Irish or Scottish people on a regular basis, I can’t imagine one of them commenting on a politician’s support or lack thereof for their home country.  While I don’t have many African American friends (I’m at the point in my life where my circle of friends is pretty small anyway), I wouldn’t imagine they sit around debating someone’s position on Africa either.

I grew up going to a Southern Baptist church, so I heard plenty about how Israel was important and how they were God’s chosen people and how they played a role in the second coming of Christ, etc. etc.  Having escaped from church, I still view the Jewish people as historically significant.  They have been through quite a bit.  In Old Testament times they were constantly in and out of slavery. In the modern area, there’s the holocaust that they barely survived.  It’s all tragic, and I mean that sincerely.  I’ve visited the Florida Holocaust Museum, and I shed some tears while I was there.  What they went through was unimaginable.

If you’re a Jew, you have a heritage that you can be proud of.  Your people have survived atrocities, and your well-documented rituals and festivals have endured.  But please, don’t expect me to think of you as special just because you are Jewish.  Were you even born in Israel? Have you even visited?

The other day a friend was telling me about this restaurant he visited.  He said that the food was outstanding, and he raved and raved about it.  His description was so impressive that it made me want to visit sometime.  And then he added, “And the owner is Jewish.”  That… didn’t make me want to visit any more or less.  It was completely inconsequential to me.

How does that make you feel?

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