Too old?

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Random
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When you’re a kid it isn’t unusual to hear that you’re not old enough for something.  Why is that?  Well, children can sometimes be in too much of a hurry to grow up.  There is a certain innocence and naivety that children have before they gain life experience and get stressed out. They’ll lose that soon enough, so it’s up to parents to help them enjoy childhood and not worry about “grown up things.” I get that. Strangely, tho, I’m now starting to hear comments about being “too old” for X, albeit just from one friend in particular.

Ever since I started shaving my head, I’ve maintained a chin beard (legit goatee, not a circle beard).  I’ve had moderate success, but recently I decided to shave it off and start over.  Obviously, it’s much shorter now, and I was thinking of possibly keeping it that way. My friend decided to comment that it looks better and that I’m too old for the longer version I had before.  Um, what the fuck?  If you’re old enough to grow facial hair, how can you be too old for a certain style? (By the way, Scott Ian is 50 yrs old with a magnificent chin beard.)

I hate that people allow society to dictate what they should or shouldn’t do at certain ages of adulthood.  Shouldn’t being a responsible adult mean that I can dress how I want to dress and look how I want to look?  I think so.  It isn’t uncommon to see me wearing a t-shirt that I bought at a concert.  And why not?  Didn’t I buy it so that I could wear it?  Concerts sell tons of these shirts, yet I rarely see them outside the concert venue.  Why?  Why buy something that you don’t plan to wear?  It’s perfectly okay for the cashier at the grocery store to know that you’re a Slayer fan.

My friend also made another comment recently when I ordered a shot of jäger.  “When did you start drinking jäger?  That’s what kids drink.”  I think the stupidity of his statement speaks for itself.

  1. I don’t know any kids who drink Jager. It’s illegal. My morality was disturbed by that statement. Oh, wait…

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