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When you read this, it will have been almost a month since the Santa Barbara tragedy.  I had an idea for a post, and as soon as I read about this incident, I decided to combine the two.

I’ve never really been good with the ladies.  In 4th grade I had to start wearing glasses.  I also had a gap in my front teeth before such a thing was cool. (That’s cool now, right Mike Tyson?)  My hair was oily, and I didn’t have a very cool haircut.  I’d venture to say that girls probably found me pretty repulsive.  Maybe repulsive is too strong of a word.  Anyway, you get the point. (more…)


According to Wikipedia, battle reenactments have been a tradition for centuries. I suppose it’s an interesting way to learn about history. Still tho, it seems like Civil War reenactments are just morbid.  Think about it.  Did we win? Did anyone really win? We were fighting ourselves. I bet the native Americans don’t reenact Custer’s Last Stand even tho they won.  Because, did they really win in the end?  Does Germany reenact World War II battles?  How about the Jews?

It just seems a bit odd to me that someone would voluntarily dress up to go pretend fight in a battle when we were at war with our own country.