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Imagine a world without words. Pictures are used to communicate. Those who draw poorly are poor communicators.

Since there are no words, there are no languages.  If you can draw it, then you can communicate it… to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Money is gold and silver and other precious stones and jewels.  Without letters and numbers, money never became worthless paper.  Bartering is still a common practice.

Trust is essential.  After all, how would you communicate that someone cheated you 500 apples? You can draw the orchard and the barrels full of apples to convey that you want the apples plucked from the trees.  You can draw a picture of the barrels full of apples on a truck.  The basic ideas are there, but you have to trust that the owner of the orchard is going to give you a fair amount of apples. (more…)

The Curse

Posted: July 6, 2014 in Short Story
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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jack.  He was still very young, so this isn’t his story just yet.  His father was barely around. That’s because he had multiple families. Almost as if he was setting up franchises.  On one particular day, Jack’s father was actually on his way to spend some time with Jack and his mom, but along the way, he met an attractive woman that caught his attention.  For you see, Jack’s father was never satisfied.  He fell in love with every woman he met, and he passed on some aspect of this to his offspring.

As Jack grew, it was normal for him to not have a father around.  He didn’t care.  He was happy with what was in front of him. He was able to find happiness in simple things.  There were times when he wanted more, but he had no trouble finding enjoyment with what little he had available to himself. (more…)