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Just King, part two

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Short Story
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A forgotten wish was being granted. As time passed, Justin was being given exactly what he wished for.  He just had no idea that he had asked for it. Like blindly walking down a path and serendipitously finding yourself exactly where you need to be.

The leaders of the world were losing control. The global population was on the precipice of anarchy. They wanted someone to lead them. It isn’t that the people wanted all laws to be abolished.  Laws were what kept them safe from the unlawful. They were simply tired of the laws, and those that enforced them, being unbearable. (more…)

Just King, part one

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Short Story
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It was another weekend checking out yard sales and antique shops.  Justin liked to find things that he could work on and restore.  It gave him something manual to do on the weekends once he escaped his grey, fluorescently-lit cubicle.  A few weeks ago, he found a rocking horse with faded and chipped paint.  After a little time, he had it sanded down, repainted, and looking good as new.  It made a great birthday present for his niece. Today, he came across something really intriguing.  It was a container of sorts. He couldn’t quite figure it out, but it made him curious.  He thought it could make a nice vase for his mother, so he handed the shop owner a few bucks and headed home with his prize. (more…)


I listen to Nickelback.  I own more than one of their CDs.  When one of their songs rolls around on my iTunes, I enjoy it.  Now you know my shame.

I honestly don’t understand the hate that some people have for Nickelback. One time I did see them on a “top metal albums” list and they are far from metal.  I’d consider them southern rock if anything, but I don’t see them as worse than any other radio band.

The real problem with the world today is Imagine Dragons. No one is talking about that band, but it’s a REAL problem impacting our society today. I mean, if I was to sit down to imagine dragons, their music would be the last thing I’d hear in the background.  When I first heard the name of the band, I figured it was a power metal band like Dragonforce or something, but after listening to some of their stuff, I don’t even know what they are.  It was hard to get past my own disappointment at not feeling like imagining some badass dragons when their music was playing.