Just King, part two

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Short Story
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A forgotten wish was being granted. As time passed, Justin was being given exactly what he wished for.  He just had no idea that he had asked for it. Like blindly walking down a path and serendipitously finding yourself exactly where you need to be.

The leaders of the world were losing control. The global population was on the precipice of anarchy. They wanted someone to lead them. It isn’t that the people wanted all laws to be abolished.  Laws were what kept them safe from the unlawful. They were simply tired of the laws, and those that enforced them, being unbearable.

Word had been spreading of Justin’s work.  Never once did he speak out against the governments of the world.  He simply used his time and resources to do good, and he shared his thoughts. People would ask questions of him, and if he didn’t know, he would say so.  But in simply getting the conversation started and talking through problems, an answer would usually reveal itself.

Then one day, while Justin was in South Africa, the president requested his presence.  The president of South Africa had heard of Justin and wanted to know his secret. What was he doing differently?  How was he gaining the ear of the people?  Justin shared his secret.  “You have it backwards Mr. President.  I don’t attempt to gain anyone’s ear. I give them mine.  I listen to them, and we converse.”

The president was struck by the simplicity and wisdom in Justin’s words.  He asked Justin to stay with him for a time so that they could talk through the people’s problem.  Justin agreed, and for a week, the president and Justin shared meals and walks in the garden.  It was refreshing for the president.  It had been so long since he had conversed with someone that wasn’t struggling to achieve political power or wealth or prestige.

By the end of the month, the president had begun to take a different stance on many issues.  Laws that were outdated or overly oppressive were in the process of being repealed.  The world took notice.

Justin soon received requests to meet with other world leaders.  Sometimes he would spend a week. Other times it was just a few days.  Real change was happening.  Minds were being opened. For the first time in a very long time, governments were untying themselves from the puppet strings of corporations.

In the meantime, Justin continued his volunteer work.  As he did so, he began to see some new faces.  The 1% were emerging from their mansions.  If the governments of the world were no longer listening to their corporations, then they would have to get out there and get their hands dirty.  They were determined to beat Justin at his own game.

Although they started volunteering for the wrong reasons, they soon realized a few things.  They realized that Justin had no ambitions.  He was legit.  They also realized just how wide the gap had become between them and the rest of the world.  And they realized how good it felt to do something with their bags of money instead of buying yet another private jet or car. And not just their money but with their lives.  To have dirty hands and sore backs at the end of the day but see real smiles on people’s faces as opposed to those that were smiling but holding a knife behind their back, waiting for a chance to stab and steal power.  Instead of being surrounded by people fighting to become CEO or find a seat on the board of directors, they were surrounded by people fighting to survive, unsure where their next meal was coming from.

Nothing changes overnight. But in 10, maybe 15 years, perhaps wealth will redistributed slightly.  Perhaps athletes won’t get paid more than doctors.  And it is all because of one man who made a wish. Justin was ruling the world. His ideas had infected others.  He had become a global influencer. He didn’t care about any of that, though.  He was simply thankful that he could help others and that he had a bed to crawl into at night to rest his tired body.


The genie was grateful. The plan had finally worked.  Many others had been chosen to be king of the world, but even though they had been nudged down the right path, their egos took over.  The last time the genie attempted to select a king was in the early 20th century, and things went very poorly.  He went mad with power and took many lives in pursuit of his ideals.

So many mistakes had been made.  It was a great relief that the world was finally headed down a positive path after so many centuries.  The genie had been trying so hard for so long to make up for that fateful day when her curiosity got the best of her.


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