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Sometimes the words are said. Other times, they are implied. For me, it’s just a lie. It’s an empty promise to make you feel better. A shallow attempt at making me feel better.

Unless you have some time machine that I’m not aware of, how are you going to make it up to me. That moment is ruined, and we have no way to go back to that moment. Instead of lazily promising the impossible, why not tell me that you’ll try to do better in the future? Don’t make a promise. Just say that you’ll try and then genuinely do that.  That’s all that I ask.

The past is the past, but don’t screw up the future with promises that you are incapable of fulfilling.

I’ve been thinking recently how we go through life playing Simon Says, but with Society.  Some people play the game. They get married when they’re expected to. They have kids when they’re expected to. They go to school. They get a career. Et cetera. Ad nauseum.

Other people ignore Society. I wonder sometimes if they have a feeling akin to a voice in their head saying, “uh uh… Society didn’t say that.”  Family and friends can be great for imposing that feeling.  Whether you have the mom constantly nagging you about grandchildren or find yourself the only one in your circle of  friends not dating or married.

I’ve also been thinking about something that was brought up in the movie Lucy.  Morgan Freeman’s character was giving a scientific lecture, and he talked about immortality vs reproduction.  If an organism is in a hostile environment, it will strive for immortality. It will try to become self-sufficient, and it’s primary purpose will be survival.  If an organism is in a comfortable environment, it will strive for reproduction.  It will reproduce and pass its knowledge on to other generations.

If you consider a person’s life experiences its environment, I wonder if the same logic applies? Or does “Society Says” override that?