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The Cigarette Burn

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Poem
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At first, it was just smoke.

But the smoke lingered.

It wouldn’t go away.

Then, it left a mark.

A cigarette burn.

It wasn’t very noticeable.

Just a simple, unassuming thing.

But it was there.

It was noticeable if you looked in the right place.

Then it changed.

It was no longer just a burn, just a mark.

It became a symbol, a reminder.

It started to cause pain.

It was never going away, was it?

The carpet would never be the same.

The owner would never be the same.

The carpet was forever scarred.

The owner was forever scarred.

The owner could heal.

But could not forget.

There would always be a reminder there.

A reminder of a time, of a choice, of a decision.

A decision that started a chain reaction.

The consequences revealed a pattern.

The pattern revealed the future.

Death approached in 7 years.

You will not live through this again.

The Other Side

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Short Story
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He was happy. He was alone, but he wasn’t lonely. He wasn’t living the high life, but he was enjoying his life. He did what he wanted to do. He had fun. He didn’t need to take friends with him. He’d make friends there. Everything was going just fine.

Then one day he met a girl. She made it feel good to have another person in his life.  When she wasn’t around, he missed her. He remembered what it felt like to be lonely.  He looked forward to seeing her.

Unfortunately, there were more lonely times than not.  He had forgotten this feeling. He didn’t like it.  He began to notice his skin drying out a bit.  It seemed with each broken promise of time spent together, he began to crack a little.  He didn’t understand what was happening to him.  Eventually, she came back around.  She didn’t seem to notice that anything was the matter.  In fact, she broke off a piece.  She proceeded to break it up, cut it with a razor, and snort it.  She got so high.  She felt good, but he didn’t understand.  Then she left.

Eventually, it became hard for him to move.  Then one day, he couldn’t move at all.  He had completely dried out. He had become stone. And the stone began to crumble.  After a few days of not hearing from him, some family and friends showed up at his house to see if he was okay.  They couldn’t find any trace of him. It was as if he had simply vanished.  The only thing left behind was a pile of sand on the floor.