Mildly Interesting Adventures At Brix

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Real Life
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Monday Night Bingo

I show up at the bar like I normally do. I’m sitting there by myself waiting for Bingo to start, and this couple sits down beside me. I’m pretty sure they’re already a bit drunk. They start asking me what’s up for New Years, etc.  The girl is really hungry, and Brix doesn’t serve food.  Her guy is nice enough to walk next door to get something for them to eat.  While he goes to get the food, she’s got to go to the bathroom.  Now, keep in mind that we’re setting at the end of the bar that is the closest to the restrooms. She asks me, who she just met maybe 15 minutes ago, if I will take her to the bathroom.  Um, okay.  This it the first time I’ve ever had to accompany an adult to the restroom.

He returns with the food, and I let him know that she’s in the restroom.  After she finishes, I walk her back to her seat.  They hang out for a little while and talk with me some more and play a few rounds of bingo.  Before they leave, tho, the guy buys me another beer, even tho I’m nowhere close to being done with my current one.  Of course, it was very nice of him, but I’m not sure what I did to escalate to that level of friendship.

How does that make you feel?

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