Brain Fog

Posted: May 10, 2015 in Random
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“Businessman With Cloud Thinking Concept” by Chaiwat

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Do you ever have those times when your brain is working at only about 25% capacity? I don’t mean when you have a hangover or you need coffee.  I’m talking about when you’re so focused on one thing that it’s almost impossible to do anything else. It’s almost a zombie-like state.  There are 2 specific instances when this happens to me.

Recently I got a new phone. While getting a new phone is great, there’s another side to that. Setting it up the way you want. Getting all of your shortcuts back on the screens where you had them before. Setting up your sounds. Remembering passwords you haven’t needed for a year. Until I get my phone the way I want it, I can’t really focus on anything else. It gnaws away at my mind. Once I’m finally done, I feel like I’m in a stupor for a while.

The other time it happens is when I go Christmas shopping… or maybe just the mall in general. There’s something about being in a shopping mall, dodging people, hitting every store looking for gifts or ideas for gifts.  It takes its toll.  Spend an hour or two in a mall, and I’m pretty much exhausted.

Can you relate?  When does this happen to you?

How does that make you feel?

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