3 reasons why you might want to use Snapchat even though you never intend to post to it

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Random
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You’ve probably heard that Snapchat is an app for teens to send naughty pictures to each other.  Well, you can’t prove that. The evidence disappeared 24 hours ago.  Kidding aside, I thought it might be nice to share some of the appeal of Snapchat based on some of the lesser known features.

  1. Stories – Snaps don’t have to be from one person to another. You can just post to your story for your friends to view at their leisure. But beyond that, Snapchat has added event stories. Want to see how Oktoberfest is celebrated in Germany or Mardi Gras in New Orleans or St Patrick’s Day in Ireland? You can do that right from Snapchat thanks to the stories feature. The events are there for you to view. So even if you never post a snap yourself, you may want to check out what other people are posting around the world.
  2. Add text/emojis to pictures – You can take a picture with Snapchat and download it without ever posting it. Did you know that?  Yeah, there’s a arrow pointing down at the bottom of the screen that will download it to your phone’s gallery. That means you can take a picture, add a caption with text or emojis, color the text, add filters for holidays, etc., and then download it to do whatever without ever actually posting to Snapchat itself.
  3. Front Flash! – Ever wanted to take a selfie but it was too dark? Snapchat has you covered.  Just turn on the front flash feature in the app. Sure, your phone may not have a front flash, but that doesn’t matter. Snapchat turns the screen completely white to act as a flash when the picture is taken. (See #2 about downloading this without posting it.)

For more info about the features that Snapchat adds, check out their blog.  They recently posted about the Discover section of the app where you can (again, without posting anything yourself) watch news and updates from various channels like Comedy Central.

How does that make you feel?

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