Very Important People

Posted: July 5, 2015 in Random
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VIP thumbnail

Isn’t VIP great? It means different things in different situations. Sometimes it means you get better seats, but sometimes it means you get to meet the band! Typically, tho, you’re paying extra. Is it worth it to you? If it is, then you’ll fork over the money to get special treatment. But what about when VIP means you don’t have to pay?

It can be nice to be friends with the owner. When you know the owner, you get in for free right? But why do that? Is the door fee really more than you can afford?  And if the owner is your friend, why wouldn’t you want to contribute to their business?

Or what about skipping the line at a restaurant?  Is it because you’re hungrier than the people that have already been waiting? They’ve been putting in the work. They’ve been patiently (maybe impatiently) waiting. They’re hungry. Be sure to wave as you walk past them. They won’t be upset. I mean, you’re an important person, right?  So your hunger is more important too.

Should business owners offer VIP treatment?  That’s their prerogative. Should you take them up on their offer or politely decline? That’s up to you, and situations may vary. For me, tho? I don’t mind waiting.

How does that make you feel?

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