confederate flag

If there are two things that southerners truly care about, they are sweet tea and the confederate flag.  I grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard, and my primary reference for the confederate flag was that it was on the roof of the General Lee. The Duke brothers were just a couple of “good ole boys never meaning no harm.”  They fought against the law and broke rules, but they were portrayed as the good guys.  Sometimes the world needs rebels, right?

But then I grew up. I went to school, and I learned about the Civil War.  When you get into conversations with most southerners about the Civil War, their general retort is “it was about more than slavery.” I haven’t read extensively on the Civil War, so I can’t really verify whether that statement is true.  I kinda doubt they’ve read up on it either. I have a feeling that they’re just so eager to defend their southern pride that they can’t bear to have it associated with something so heinous as slavery.

Maybe it wasn’t all about slavery, tho.  Just thinking about it, it’s hard to believe the country splitting apart over one issue alone. That being said, where’s all the attention on those other issues? The brutality of slavery is well-known. The underground railroad needs little introduction. You’ve probably heard the name Harriet Tubman before. In a predominantly white society, the mistreatment of African Americans is common knowledge. That alone tells me that even if there were other factors that contributed to the Civil War, slavery was by far the most egregious.

So tell me, person that happens to live in a southern region of the United States, what is your blind allegiance to this flag? Why are you so willing to defend it?  What is your attachment to a flag that was carried by the losing side of a war that you were never a part of? How do you feel about supporting a flag that the KKK also supports? What?! Yes, that’s right. The KKK rallied in South Carolina in support of the confederate flag.  How does that make you feel? Did you see the 4th picture in the article where the supporters of the confederate flag are also carrying a swastika flag? How do you feel about supporting a flag that neo-nazis also support?

My recommendation: Let. It. Go.  The time for the confederate flag has passed. It had a good run, but now it’s time for it to be retired.


How does that make you feel?

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