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I don't remember why I took this picture, but isn't it great?

Every once in awhile, I get the itch to do a little research. It seems most of what is represented for beards is the beard/mustache combo. This, of course, results in me getting the occasional question about why I don’t have a mustache or jokes about me sporting an Amish Metal look (which I may have started?). I decided to start looking online, and here’s what I found out. (more…)

Holiday Hiatus

Posted: November 22, 2015 in Random

Time has not been on my side lately… Not really in a bad way, but things have been busy. So here I am 2 weeks later without having written another post. It’s time to take a break for the holidays.

See you in 2016 with more thoughts and stories.

Our "New" 1978 Alfa Romeo by Jen Wakefield-Dillier on Flickr

So I’m 40… now what? Oh yeah, I guess it’s time for a midlife crisis. But really, I don’t think I have anything to worry about. (more…)

Pathway In Forest Of Thailand

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about being single, so I’ve been thinking about it lately. Not that it’s ever been the sole motivation for what I do or post, but in the past I’ve tried to portray myself in contrast to friends that were bemoaning not being in a relationship. Not to rub their face in anything, but to say, “Hey, look over here. I’m having a good time… by myself.” Well, things change. (more…)

The 8:28 Cliche

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Random
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Roman Gladiator

You’ve heard it before, right?  You’re going thru a rough time, and someone tries to comfort you by saying, “You’ll get thru this. All things work together for good.” But that’s… not exactly true, is it? (more…)

The Disclaimer

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Random

Denny's Parental Advisory

Sadly, this post is not about breakfast. I was searching for a Parental Advisor pic and found this and thought it was pretty fucking hilarious.

You’re probably thinking, “It’s a little late for a dislaimer, isn’t it?”  Well, my blog, my rules, so whenever I decide to do something is the right time. [insert emoji with tongue sticking out]  Here goes nothing… (more…)


First of all, who is in charge of naming things? I think they should be fired. The words “politically correct” would seem to signify appropriate content for a speech given by a politician or something. It’s about as bad as “social engineering.”  Anyway, contrary to what you may think after reading my post about the confederate flag from a couple of weeks ago, I’m not a fan of political correctness. While I’m not a fan of political correctness, I’m not a fan of ignorance and insensitivity either. (more…)