The 8:28 Cliche

Posted: October 11, 2015 in Random
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Roman Gladiator

You’ve heard it before, right?  You’re going thru a rough time, and someone tries to comfort you by saying, “You’ll get thru this. All things work together for good.” But that’s… not exactly true, is it? Read the rest of this entry »

The Disclaimer

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Random

Denny's Parental Advisory

Sadly, this post is not about breakfast. I was searching for a Parental Advisor pic and found this and thought it was pretty fucking hilarious.

You’re probably thinking, “It’s a little late for a dislaimer, isn’t it?”  Well, my blog, my rules, so whenever I decide to do something is the right time. [insert emoji with tongue sticking out]  Here goes nothing… Read the rest of this entry »


Posted: September 13, 2015 in Poem
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'Scar' picture by Daniel Pasikov on Flickr
Scars are reminders
Reminders not always of pain
But even when pain, not always bad pain
Not all scars are physical
Not all scars are private
Some things that were not scars become scars later
Our social media accounts are the scrapbooks of our lives
You have memories with so and so from 2 years ago
What will you do with these reminders
Just because you’re holding a knife
Doesn’t mean you have to cut or bleed
You could make a sandwich
You could do something positive
Just because you can open up old wounds
Doesn’t mean that you should
Sometimes old wounds are there for you to learn from so that you don’t make new ones


First of all, who is in charge of naming things? I think they should be fired. The words “politically correct” would seem to signify appropriate content for a speech given by a politician or something. It’s about as bad as “social engineering.”  Anyway, contrary to what you may think after reading my post about the confederate flag from a couple of weeks ago, I’m not a fan of political correctness. While I’m not a fan of political correctness, I’m not a fan of ignorance and insensitivity either. Read the rest of this entry »

confederate flag

If there are two things that southerners truly care about, they are sweet tea and the confederate flag.  I grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard, and my primary reference for the confederate flag was that it was on the roof of the General Lee. The Duke brothers were just a couple of “good ole boys never meaning no harm.”  They fought against the law and broke rules, but they were portrayed as the good guys.  Sometimes the world needs rebels, right? Read the rest of this entry »

evil french fries

If there’s one thing I learned growing up going to a Southern Baptist church and attending an Independent Southern Baptist school, it’s that it’s very easy to worship the Devil. So easy, in fact, that  you could do it by accident. Read the rest of this entry »

2015-06-07 18.39.30

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel like I’m losing my mind.  I was just telling my roommate about this epic comic book collection that I had in my parent’s attic, but now I can’t even remember owning any comics. I remember staying up late at night under the blanket with a flashlight reading… something. I have no idea what though. Surely I was reading something.  That’s why I was holding… What was I holding? Read the rest of this entry »