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Pathway In Forest Of Thailand

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about being single, so I’ve been thinking about it lately. Not that it’s ever been the sole motivation for what I do or post, but in the past I’ve tried to portray myself in contrast to friends that were bemoaning not being in a relationship. Not to rub their face in anything, but to say, “Hey, look over here. I’m having a good time… by myself.” Well, things change. (more…)


Just stop! Seriously. Cut it out!!

Instead of trying to change one particular burger chain that has a tradition of a limited menu, why not open your own chain of restaurants that explicitly caters to Vegetarians and Vegans?

If this petition had been targeted at McDonalds or Burger King, would it have irritated me as much? Maybe not. I’m kinda surprised those fast food joints don’t already offer veggie burgers given their wide selections. I don’t even live near an In-N-Out, but having been to the west coast, I’ve experienced it. I also respect their tradition of a limited menu and their secret menu. Same with Five Guys. I respect their limited menu. I know not to go their for a chicken sandwich or a salad, and I don’t plan on starting a petition to change that.

It’s really much bigger than this, tho. Whenever I’m in the grocery store and walk by the frozen food cases of Weight Watchers cakes and fudge brownies, etc., I continue to be baffled. I don’t understand why people that go on a diet keep trying to find ways around their diet. If you’ve given up sweets to try to lose weight, don’t try to concoct a low-fat chocolate substitute. Give up sweets. Man up and accept your choices.

I’d like to see Vegans & Vegetarians stop trying to find new ways to eat meat. If you miss meat that much, eat some. No one is stopping you. Admit that you like meat, and do like the rest of us who don’t imagine animals being slaughtered while we’re enjoying our hamburgers.