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people sitting on blankets

A few weeks ago at Welcome To Rockville, I observed more people using blankets than I recall from previous years. One of the stages (there were 4 total) had more open lawn space than the others, and people took advantage of this. It was an interesting thing to witness. (more…)

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My oldest nephew will be turning 13 this year.  Maybe not right away, but in the coming years, I’ll want to share my music with him.  Of course, it’ll be up to him to decide what he likes, but I want him to have more choices than just what he hears on the radio.  Plus, I’d like to be able to take him to some concerts. Concerts are more fun if you’re familiar with some of the songs the band will be playing.  I mean, you want to know whether you like them before you go, right?

So how do I share music with him?  A few years ago I could have just given him a CD, but I quit buying CDs some time ago.  Now I purchase music digitally.  The next generation is either doing the same or purchasing a subscription to a service like Spotify.  I’m sure there are ways to share music digitally, but are they effective?  Is sending someone a Spotify playlist or a Pandora station the same as giving someone a CD, something physical that is there as a reminder to listen to it?

What about the mixtape?  Mixtapes were all the rage in the 80s, and they even survived to the CD format.  But what about beyond that?  Is there a digital equivalent to the mixtape?