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Things are happening all around you that you never see.  Most people are too distracted to even notice. Occasionally, though, when you’re alone and it’s quiet, you can catch a glimpse. Usually you dismiss it, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t really happen.

Every so often a shadow will catch the corner of your eye. Something flitting about like a hummingbird but dark and shapeless.  You won’t see it if you turn your head. You can’t detect anything when you’re looking straight ahead.  It’s when you’re looking somewhere else, when it thinks you aren’t watching, that it is free to move and play.

If you’re really lucky, you’ll hear them too.  When there’s no noise but the white kind. When you’re brushing your teeth or showering and the only sound is the static of the running water.  In those moments when you’re tuned out performing a menial, habitual task, you can hear whispers.

Are these little shadow sprites harmless? Just mischievous, playful things? Do they not notice us the same way we don’t notice them?  Or are they simply biding their time, waiting for you to be so distracted that you lose any peripheral awareness?

Be vigilant in the quiet moments. You never know what’s lurking just out of view.