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Pathway In Forest Of Thailand

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about being single, so I’ve been thinking about it lately. Not that it’s ever been the sole motivation for what I do or post, but in the past I’ve tried to portray myself in contrast to friends that were bemoaning not being in a relationship. Not to rub their face in anything, but to say, “Hey, look over here. I’m having a good time… by myself.” Well, things change. (more…)

It’s become a bit of  a “tradition” for me to eat at a particular Hooters on Tuesday nights since it is right around the corner from where a few of us get together to play our weekly poker game. Last night, one of my friends happened to join me.  While we were eating (well, I was eating; my friend was just drinking some beer), this guy comes up and introduces himself. Then this interaction happened:

Me: I’d shake your hand, but mine are a little messy right now from eating wings.

Guy: That’s okay. I’ve met you before. You’re up here like every week aren’t you?

Me: Oh yeah. Um, Ok.

He then proceeds to blah blah blah about a black jack game they do on Tuesdays, and me and my friend explain that we’re leaving after dinner to attend our own poker game, which is why I have declined his invites in the past. He then walks away to invite another group, which is when me and my friend Rob had this conversation:

Me: Dude, I almost told him that if you’re not wearing orange shorts and a white top, I’m not gonna remember you.

Rob: One of the keys to success is remembering the names of the people you meet.

Me: I’m not looking to succeed. I just want to get by.

Rob: That’s sad.

And then we both laughed.